“A Modern Holiday at the Heart of Nature”

Let yourselves go into the arms of the Mediterranean... Our hotel, which is located in Antalya, Göynük – one of the reflections of heaven on earth – is 9 km from Kemer, 30 km from Antalya city centre and 45 km from the airport. You will feel as if you are holidaying inside the rainbow, surrounded by all imaginable colours: from the blue of the sea and the sky to the green of the pines, from the multicoloured flowers to the bright yellow of the sun.

You will be captivated by the view from your room and think ‘this is the best’ about every meal you eat; you will want to make the beach your home, but when you experience the pleasures of the pool, you will decide to move there instead; you will add each of the drinks you sip at the bars to your favourites, announcing the guys from the animation team to be your best friends forever; after all this you will renovate your body and soul at the spa centre.

Kilikya Palace, being the most special place for your honeymoon, will grant you with a great quantity of precious memories you will not be able to forget. Our hotel is also suitable and equipped for business meetings of any type, providing finest atmosphere and highest inspiration with its picturesque views, peaceful nature and outstanding comfort.

Our a la carte restaurants, which will make you expand the boundaries of the world of flavour, offer the original tastes of Turkish and internatıonal cuisine, adding a special colour to your holiday. You will enjoy the pleasure of swimming in our indoor and outdoor pools, and be as cheerful and happy as children in the aquapark. Our little guests will also be able to have fun to their hearts’ content in the kids pool made specially for them. After spending time in the pool, they may move to the world of our kids club and take part in the fairytale of their dreams.

Be prepared to dive into a whole world of entertainment! You will learn a new meaning to entertainment with our animation team, which puts its name to magnificent shows and performances. On the other hand, when you wish for spiritual serenity, you will find our spa centre right next to you. You will reach a bodily and spiritual peace with the traditional Turkish Bath, sauna, various massage treatments and body care therapies.

During your holiday you will have the chance to breathe in the ancient history, or set off into the vastness of the Mediterranean with various boat trips, or visit the ancient city of Phaselis, one of the most important harbours remaining from the past. You can touch the heart of nature doing cycling trips and exploring the sea depths through the marvellous diving tours.